Zaharo is a confectionery company founded in 1991 in the town of Pomorie, Bulgaria. Firstly established as a family business, today the company is a successful brand with 29+ years of experience in the field. ZAHARO - E-SHOP FOR CAKES AND CONFECTIONERY Zaharo is a Bulgarian based confectionery company. Due to the growing amount of orders in their physical stores, Zaharo needed to bring more clients to their online store. The old website was not able to do so and Zaharo decided that it is time to build a new, modern e-commerce solution for their needs. Due to the specificity of the branch, there were a lot of challenges in front of Bulcode. The first one was to create a fresh, good looking and tasty design. And we did it! But that was the easy part. Some of the functionalities that we build include: Custom product bundles - admins are able to define all the available options for each product, the relationships between the different options and the price and pricing rules that should apply depending on the chosen options. Custom product purchase form - gets all of the configurations that the admins have set for the product into account and allows the client to buy their desired product by choosing portions/packages/pieces, cream, stuffing, additions to the cream, glaze, shape, labeling, certificate, labeling paper, and picture if applicable. Pricing - because some of the products can have more than 160000 variations we came with a solution for general rules for price calculations based on the chosen variation from the client. This is also applicable to the shape of the product and the preparation time needed to provide the product. ERP Integration - all products, ingredients, and orders are integrated with an internal ERP used by Zaharo. Physical store - there is an option to pay your order in the physical store, also there are Android devices running a Zaharo application which are situated in the physical stores so that anyone can make an order without having to queue at the cashier’s desk. Each order can then be paid in the physical store by the orders number. Cashier role - each cashier is able to login to the website using a special username created for them. Then the cashier can access all orders that are ordered from their store, track the statuses of the orders that should be taken from the store and etc.
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