Calibre - Electronic Passport for Luxury Watches


Calibre is an application that helps to track the history of expensive watches and monitor the repair process provided by the authorized service centers both for device owners and manufacturers. Challenges One of the problems many luxury watch owners face is the risk of getting a fake device or the one with forged details after a certain repair. As the cost of this portable timepiece is sometimes tremendous, the issue is pretty serious and requires some steps for authenticity protection. The client has requested an MVP development in order to validate and pitch the idea about monitoring the background of expensive watches to investors. Solutions Users can search for authorized watch repair centers within a particular location. Watch owners and manufacturers are able to monitor the repair work in real-time. Watchmakers can control the quality of each performed repair stage. To sell a watch it is enough to transfer the history records via a QR code scanning. Results A working demo version of an iOS app with core functionality, web edition, and admin panel. A minimum viable product necessary for idea validation and pitching to potential investors.
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  • ios development
  • Swift
  • Vue.js
  • Node.js