FOUNDED IN 2011, SOLREPUBLIC IS COMMITTED TO CHANGING THE WORLD ONE LISTENER AT A TIME. SOLREPUBLIC IS A HEADPHONE COMPANY FOCUSED ON PROVIDING A BETTER MUSIC EXPERIENCE THROUGH GREAT SOUND PRODUCING PRODUCTS. KEY CHALLENGES SOLRepublic wanted to promote the SOLdiers community (SOL Republic users) through the rewards and community platform using social media by integrating it with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, thereby allowing business to get more user base and rewarding users to spread promotions on Facebook and Twitter. PROPOSITION & SOLUTION Xicom designed and developed a reward platform for SOLRepublic that include extensive use of Facebook and Twitter API's. Our solution included the following features: Customer registration and login profile using Facebook/Twitter. SOLRepublic activity feed by which business can define the activities that they want site customers to perform like "Like their page", "re-tweet" about their product, write blog about product/service, share promotions etc. Development of points module for calculating points earned by members based on the activities performed. Reward platform for managing the redemption voucher and redeeming points earned by users. Extensive search module for searching and inviting users. Extensive Admin Reporting for managing entire site activities. RESULTS & BENEFITS Our solution met the exact requirements of SOLRepublic and site quicky gained a user base of 10,000+ SOLdiers within a short period of 2 months from the launch. SOLRepublic was able to launch and market the product timely as we as a contractor ensured that the deliverables were provided on time so as to meet all the deadlines. SOLRepublic is extremely satisfied with the outcome of this project and the quality of the finished product overall was very high meeting their expectations. SOLRepublic is extremely satisfied with the deliverables provided on time and within budget. SOLRepublic worked with us using the DTM Model whereby they hired dedicated resources and had the flexibility to bring change in scope so as to get the final product managed with the changing scenario of online learning platform. Faster delivery of new features and higher overall software quality increased the client satisfaction, thereby increasing our revenue and customer retention.
  • MVC
  • CakePHP
  • PHP laravel frameworks
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery