CLIENT BACKGROUND The client is a Saudi Arabian businessman and a VIP PADIOI Barbershop owner Mushari Aljoaib. BUSINESS CHALLENGE Create a complex appointment app for client's luxurious barbershop where user can check each barber’s profile, popularity, list of services, pricing, choose one or multiple services and make an appointment for convenient day and time. SOLUTION We developed an application for iOS and Android from scratch. It allows users to make an appointment for a barbershop with the selected service, barber and date of appointment. Users have the opportunity to view all records of services and barbers with their detailed information, rate barbers; place an order, edit or cancel it. PRODUCT OVERVIEW Client's main goal was to create a complex solution for his Barbershop so that end users would have the best user experience. Pad IOI Barbershop is a mobile platform for barbers and clients modernizing the barbershop experience. Features and functionality we add to the application: General admin and admins (barbers) can check & manage their schedules using a custom Admin panel with advance calendar. The app also includes bonus system: each user gets bonuses for timely arrival to his/her appointment which are accumulated and then converted into free services or discounts. Likewise, the app notifies admins about specials events in customers’ lives: birthday, wedding anniversary, so the General Admin can present a customer with some discount or free service on such special dates. The customer will get notified about such present by the app. Barbers: Invite your clients & manage your client list Keep all your appointments organized in one place Set your location and availability to get discovered by new clients & grow your business Clients: Find your barber or discover new ones View available services and sort them by specific filters Book appointment with barber Add barbers to favorites to keep them in profile
  • UI/UX design
  • Software
  • PHP 7
  • Laravel
  • Xamarin Forms
  • IOS
  • Android