THE GOAL Stickny is a new way to save your memorable moments. You can print them on a sticker roll. Good service always needs good design. Let`s create it! CHALLENGES We had the next challenges during this project: Because of short time frames, web and mobile design were created at the same time. It was a risky way. Usually, we focus on design for either a mobile app or web version and only after approving we start working with another one. The client provided us with their initial design. UX needed an optimization, it was absolutely not user-friendly. But the main problem was in UI. So we had to fix them both. SOLUTION As mentioned, we decided to make some changes in our approach: we were creating mobile and web design almost simultaneously. The focus was made on mobile app design and after approving of some modules, we designed the same modules for the web. Also, we decided to create a design from scratch. It allowed us making a full optimization of UX and give an eye-catching UI. WIREFRAMES Despite wireframes are a very important part for this kind of projects, we just did not have time for them and the customer was ready to skip this part. We only used a basic flow, that was shared.
  • UI/UX design